CBD Gummies... Definitely Not Full-Spectrum!

cbd gummies scam

There are a lot of companies claiming to be "full-spectrum" CBD when really they're using cheap CBD Isolate which is a very processed version.

Here's an example from a popular company that I found on Instagram...


A proprietary blend / formula means you have no idea what you're putting into your body.

Whether it's CBD or any other kind of supplement, I recommend avoiding them at all cost.

The real problem here is that they are claiming the highest quality full-spectrum CBD... except the blend isn't shared.

Are we supposed to take their word for it? I don't think so.

That's why at Natural Stacks Plus we only use open-source formulas. We share our blends. We share our third-party test results. We're anti-proprietary blend and for us... it's a hill worth dying on.

Natural Stacks CBD uses a blend of the highest quality hemp -- Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom.

Fact: Most CBD Companies will not tell you the hemp strains they are using... BECAUSE THEY CAN'T or THEY DON'T KNOW.

But the real problem for me is the full-spectrum claim...

Full-spectrum CBD also has terpenes which have game changing health benefits on their own.

And terpenes in cannabis ENHANCE the effects of CBD! Leading to increased therapeutic benefits, commonly known as the entourage effect.

These benefits DO NOT EXIST with CBD Isolate. It's the main reason why everyone including this gummies company is claiming "full-spectrum".

RED FLAG #2 Their Certificate of Analysis tells a completely different story!!

There are NO terpenes or other cannabinoids like THCa, CBDa, CBN, CBGa, or CBG!


Likely this can only mean one thing... these GUMMIES are using CBD Isolate and not FULL-SPECTRUM CBD!

CBD Isolate is much cheaper than full-spectrum CBD and does not come with the full range of benefits.

If they labeled their product as CBD Isolate then it would be fine... But they didn't and it's totally UNCOOL!

Plus you would never know this by just looking at their website...

Good thing at Natural Stacks we like to nerd out about supplement facts, sourcing and third-party lab tests,

Now compare the non-existent terpene profile to the third-party lab test from DREAM CBD...

That's what FULL-SPECTRUM CBD looks like...

And that's how you get the FULL BENEFITS from CBD.

Try OMEGA and DREAM CBD today for ultimate wellness and the perfect night's sleep. 

Use coupon code FULLSPECTRUM15 to take 15% off your purchase. 

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