Dr. Axe CBD Sound Sleep Review - Not Full-Spectrum?

Dr. Axe just released his own line of CBD products under the Ancient Nutrition brand.

They're calling it...

“The Next Generation of CBD Hemp”

That took more than four years to develop…

And is supposedly better than anything else on the market!

Well here at Natural Stacks we're always willing to put the quality of our products against anyone and everyone.

So today we're going to compare two products designed to help you sleep better.

DREAM CBD (Natural Stacks) vs. SOUND SLEEP (Ancient Nutrition)

Before we dive into the formula, we have to look at the delivery method.

Natural Stacks OMEGA and DREAM CBD formulas are suspended in a liquid vegetable capsule.

We believe that vegetable capsules are a superior form to tinctures, droppers, vapes, softgels, and caplets (more on these in a minute).

Look at how beautiful that is!

Capsules are the best way to ensure you get a consistent and accurate dosage each time you take the product.

You can't beat 100% plant based.

Ancient Nutrition on the other hand has decided to use a caplet as the delivery method.

*this is just an example of a caplet, not the actual product

Essentially a caplet is a tablet with a coating.

This enteric coating helps with digestion and is commonly used in pharmaceutical drugs like ibuprofen.

Often this glaze is made from shellac.

The reason many brands use caplets (with a coating or not) is that they are often cheaper to manufacturer compared to capsules.

Here's the difference:

The absorption rate and speed of liquid vegetable capsules is much higher than caplets.

This is because the liquid format can quickly enter the bloodstream for fast-acting results.

Whereas the caplet might take over 30 minutes just for the body to breakdown the caplets before the absorption process can begin.

At Natural Stacks we focus on quality and ingredient transparency. It may cost more but we put the highest priority on delivering YOU a premium product.  

First the price is astronomical!

You’re paying $84.95 for 30 servings with 20mg of CBD.

That’s 14.16 cents per milligram of CBD.

DREAM CBD is $44.95 for 30 servings with 15mg of CBD.

Only 9.99 cents per milligram of CBD.

By choosing Natural Stacks CBD, you’re getting 41.7% more CBD for your money.

More important than price is the quality of the product that you’re getting.

If a company claims that they’re using full-spectrum hemp, it needs to show up on the lab test.

And as it turns out Dr. Axe and Natural Stacks use the same lab for CBD testing.

This makes the side by side comparison very easy.

Let's look at lab test for Sound Sleep.

When we look at the Cannabinoids section, the only Cannabinoid detected is CBD.

There is NO CBDA, CBC or D9-THC.

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is another type of cannabinoid (like CBD). In fact, it can be considered to be the “parent molecule” of CBD.

CBC (cannabichromene) is one of the four major cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa and the second most abundant cannabinoid in drug-type cannabis. It has been shown to have strong antibacterial effects.

And finally D9-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most recognized cannabinoid. It’s the one that when taken in a high dose will get you “high”.

Anything lower than .3% is legal for consumption in the United States.

But since this lab test is showing NOT DETECTED for these compounds, it usually means that a CBD Isolate is being used.

Full-Spectrum CBD contains additional cannabinoids like CBDA, CBC and small traces of THC.

It’s extracted differently than an isolate, so you can truly get the full-plant experience.

Dream CBD uses full-spectrum CO2 extracted hemp oil.

Look at the difference.

DREAM CBD tested for D9-THC, CBD, CBDA, and CBC.

It’s a real full-spectrum CBD product.

Full-Spectrum CBD isn’t limited to just Cannabinoids. It also includes terpenes.

Terpenes are another non psychoactive compound found in cannabis. They are aromatic organic compounds or essential oils that are found mainly in plants.

Terpenes have been researched for their anti-inflammatory and pain reducing actions [4].

They’ve been proposed to have synergistic effects of cannabis in humans -- meaning that terpenes can boost the health benefits of cannabis!

Terpenes are just another reason why getting a full-spectrum CBD product is so important.

Here's the terpene profile for Sound Sleep

Only seven types were detected.....

Now compare that to the terpene profile for DREAM CBD

Which supplement do you think will provide you the best full-spectrum CBD Oil experience?

Not to mention the best sleep ever...

Or the fact that Dream CBD is more than a 40% better value...

Click here to get the best sleep of your life with DREAM CBD.

Use code SWEETDREAMS for an extra savings at checkout.

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Dr. Axe CBD Sound Sleep Review - Not Full-Spectrum?

Dr. Axe CBD Sound Sleep Review - Not Full-Spectrum?

Dr. Axe just released his own line of CBD products under the Ancient Nutrition brand....